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Perfect Multi Super Greens
Purity Products Price: $44.95
the VitaGuy's Price: $36.95
Quantity: 120 Capsules- 30 Day Supply
Serving Size: 4 Capsules
Number of Servings: 30

  • Healthy Aging*
  • Sharp Memory and Recall*
  • Healthy Vision, Vitality and Immunity*
  • Heart Health and Energy Levels*

World Class Multivitamin with a Phytonutrient Blend
For millions of us, taking a high quality multivitamin is an essential element of a healthy diet.
Reports from prestigious organizations such as the Council For Responsible Nutrition, as well as government agencies, are urging the use of supplements to ensure that each of us meets the daily requirements for vitamins and minerals that can be so difficult to achieve in our daily diets.

Now NSF 3rd Party Tested and Certified For Quality and Purity
You can get the best with Purity's NSF Certified, iron and copper free serving of the Perfect Multi Super Greens. It delivers the same powerful vitamins and minerals as our original Perfect Multi plus a full 820 mg of a potent 10,000+ ORAC/ phytonutrient blend including blueberry powder, raspberry powder, green tea, kale, broccoli and spinach in on convenient formula.

With Purity Products It's all about the Evidence
You don't have to be an Olympic Gold Medalist to enjoy the wide array of benefits found in Purity's updated Perfect Multi Super Greens. Ushering in a new chapter in their line of Evidence Based Nutraceuticals, the updated Perfect Multi Super Greens synergistically combines -in one multivitamin - a full spectrum of the world's most important nutritional ingredients.

Unsurpassed Quality
Like the health Enthusiasts, Athletes and Olympians that use Perfect Multi Super Greens, you can rest assured knowing Purity Products will never compromise for quality in their pursuit of excellence, and neither will the VitaGuys.

The Top 10 Reasons to Take Perfect Multi Super Greens:

1. 500 mg of Easily Absorbed Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbate) balanced with Bioflavonoids.

2. 50 mg of Pomegranate P40p to support Vascular Health*

3. 10 mg FloraGlo Lutein to support Macular, Eye and Skin Health*

4. 150 mcg SelenoExcell Selenium to support Immune Health*

5. 900 mg High ORAC Phytonutrient Blend for Energy support*

6. An Advanced Probiotic Blend to Enhance Absorption and G.I. Health*

7. 2,000 IU Vitamin D3 to support Immune, Bone and Cellular Health*

8. Vitamin B12 and 800 mcg Folic Acid for Healthy Homocysteine Support*

9. Blueberry Concentrate for Cognitive Support*

10. 100% Vegetarian Capsule

It's All About the Details
Just recently, scientists discovered that folic acid (Vitamin B9) elevates levels of Omega-3 oils in humans. Vitamin D helps the body utilize calcium and magnesium. Lutein, a yellow pigment that supports the retina at the back of the eyes from sun damage and promotes a normal glare response, is also shown to be better absorbed in dietary supplements that contain Vitamin C. Selenium works with Vitamin E to produce an antioxidant enzyme called glutathione peroxidase. Boron has been shown to elevate Vitamin D levels. These nutrients may work more than additively, their beneficial effects may be multiplied when provided together.*

Powerful Immune Support*
Perfect Multi Super Greens uniquely provides probiotics, beneficial bacteria that put your immune system on alert. Perfect Multi Super Greens also features the most natural Vitamin D3 of any leading multivitamin (2,000 international units), enough for 98.5% of the population to achieve optimal blood levels which continually supports an army of white blood cells that protect the body. We are all just now learning how abjectly Vitamin D deficient most of us are. This much Vitamin D3 supports bone health, muscle tone, and much more.*

Lutein: It's All About Looking Younger*
Compelling research findings from a randomized, placebo-controlled, human clinical trial performed in Europe, illustrated several important benefits in skin from oral intake of lutein.*

Study participants in Italy taking 10 mg of an oral supplement containing FloraGlo Lutein daily for 12 weeks showed measurable increases in skin hydration and skin elasticity and a decrease in skin lipid peroxidation.*

It's All About Absorption*
Bioperine, a black pepper extract, is now included in Purity's BioAbsorb proprietary blend with the Lactospore Probiotic which serves to enhance bioavailability of many of its nutrients. Digestive enzymes are provided as spark plugs for digestion of proteins and are also found in Perfect Multi Super Greens.*

Experience Cellular Energy: Up to 30x the power of Other Multi Brands*
he Perfect Multi Super Greens with Magnesium supports healthy levels of adenotriphosphate (ATP), which is the energy currency for cells. An assortment of Dark Greens and Bright Red phytonutrients with an ORAC score of over 10,000 provide the antioxidant equivalent of 10+ servings of fruits and vegetables. Compared to other multis with 100 to 300 ORAC scores, the Perfect Multi Super Greens delivers up to 30 times the antioxidant power of most other brands!*

It's All About Supporting Healthy Homocysteine Levels*
This undesirable blood protein - homocysteine - is potentially harmful to vulnerable brain cells, which is why Perfect Multi Super Greens provides ample amounts of Vitamin B12, Folic Acid and Betaine, known to support healthy homocysteine levels.*

It's All About Feeling Your Best*
At the crossroads, where science meets nutrition, you'll find that Perfect Multi Super Greens is providing you with essential vitamins and minerals, plus a full array of cutting edge nutraceuticals. They're proud of the Perfect Multi Super Greens scientific heritage and its comprehensive Supplement Facts Panel. And so are we! Compare it to other Multivitamin formulas and you'll quickly see where others cut corners and fall short.

And don't forget the Super Greens Blend... if you're like 90% of the population who miss out on the health benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, then you'll also grasp the importance of our Super Greens blend, packing 900 mg of Super Red and Dark Green extracts into every serving. Armed  with Perfect Multi Super Greens as the corner stone of your nutritional regimen, you are laying the foundation for a better health and vitality in the future.*

Perfect Multi Super Greens Chart

Nutritional Information

Vegetarian Capsules

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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