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Ask Yourself "is your Health and wellness worth it?", Well is it?

We, here at the VitaGuys, sell Phytonutritional Supplements and Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements for Adults and Children. We also want to Inform Everyone About the Importance of Supplementation in Today's World, because most food and vitamin supplements are not always as healthy as we think!

Thank you for visiting our new Website. As an up-to-date business, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our company and our offers. A new content management system will enable us to always keep you up to date.

Here at the VitaGuys We are committed to providing you with cutting edge Evidence Based Nutritional Supplements to help you look and feel your best. We know you are going to love our entire spectrum of offers. We can provide you with articles and information regarding Health concerns and advice provided by Purity Products.

You can reach us at 360-597-3807. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at Our Blog or e-mail addresses: thevitaguys@gmail.com, health@thevitaguys.com or thevitagal@gmail.com.

If you are not familiar with our company and this is your first contact with us, We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help. If we do not know, We'll do our best to find out for you.

In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in 2011 and has been responsible for providing outstanding customer service, and products ever since. Our specialty is in Multivitamins Supplements from Purity Products. We will be adding more products as we progress, We will even let our clients to vote on up coming products... so keep your eyes open for the voting polls. Our business is located in Vancouver, WA.

We started this business to bring more attention to an important issue, YOUR HEALTH!
We got involved with vitamin supplements when our youngest son was born prematurely and for a full year had major health scares, he was always sick, just eating healthy was not doing anything to help his weak immune system.

We started taking some other vitamin supplements, they were GOOD but they were way too expensive (You Know Who You Are), Not worth the money (I'm not willing to put myself into debt for vitamins)!

So started our search for a company who offered Superior products around our price range, we studied as many vitamin companies as possible because who's made out of money or who wants to be in a pyramid type business in order to get a good deal? NOT me! Probably NOT you either!

We were about to give up on All vitamins Companies because we were tired of pyramid companies; that you have to get others to buy a certain amount a month in order to get a good deal on your vitamins, Plus the poor quality of products in our price range, when we heard a health show over the radio that we had not heard before, they were talking about Purity Products and they were giving away a free bottle for new customers to "TRY OUT" we jumped on the chance! Because if it didn't work we'd only be out $4.95 for shipping! That was cheap! Now, I know that Perfect Multi Super Greens is for adults, but that is what we got! We made smoothies with 1 capsule of Perfect Multi Super Greens, celery, carrots, spinach, apples, oranges, bananas, stawberries, blueberries, peaches, grapes, raspberries(Basically Any and All Vegetable and Fruit we thought would taste Good), flaxseed, soy and rice milk, and a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream and we gave it to all of our children as well as ourselves, we were Amazed how well it worked!

When we started taking Purity Products they didn't really have much that we could give our children other then their drink mixes which we gave them too! NOW Purity Products has children's multivitamins and children's Omega-3 fish oil supplements and our Children just love them! We hardly ever get sick but when we do, we get over it quicker! We became loyal customers for LIFE! Not to mention their cheaper then the other vitamins that we tried before we found Purity Products and it's way cheaper then the doctor's bill.

We started this business to reach out to those, who don't know what vitamins to take or even those who just want vitamins without the headache of going to a store. Just to get crappy choices. We want to let everyone know about Purity Products, there probably are some other Good products out there that will not cost you an arm or a leg, but I have yet to personally find any with the same power and strength. That's why we only sell Purity's Products!

Purity Products won our loyality, Hopefully they can win yours! Especially because they really care about you as a customer! They HELP those lacking nutrition to find the right kind for your needs! Don't get me wrong, you still need to consult your doctor because your doctor knows you and your bodies' concerns.

We don't work for Purity Products, we sell their products Independently because we know that they work from firsthand experience. We're proud to do so, while we still can!

Taking vitamin supplements is like taking care of your car, you can go along way on a well maintained engine. Your body needs to be maintained as well or it will break down over time.

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Email the VitaGuys- thevitaguys@gmail.com
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